Crafting pure CSS tooltips

Building tooltips in a user interface typically meant including some JavaScript to create an event listener to bind to a hover/click action and show a bit of DOM. Gone are those days, for some time now we have been able to use CSS to craft these tooltips on its own two feet (the less JS for core interactive items the better!).

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Finally!!… the new theme has been completed to what I believe to be a ‘shippable’ state. I have a list (almost as big as the initial to-do list for this theme) of things I now want to fix, update or add to this new website, as with many projects this website will hopefully evolve as a I get time.  Continue reading “Finally…”

Redeveloping my portfolio

I’m excited to start a new section to my portfolio and that is this blog! I have considered writing posts on topics of interest to me such as my work, projects and the industry of web development and design for some time now. What held me back, other than my lack of eloquent writing and available time, was a proper medium or outlet for these writing pieces. Continue reading “Redeveloping my portfolio”