Finally!!… the new theme has been completed to what I believe to be a ‘shippable’ state. I have a list (almost as big as the initial to-do list for this theme) of things I now want to fix, update or add to this new website, as with many projects this website will hopefully evolve as a I get time. 

Recently more than ever I have wanted to put all my work together in one accessible place and so that really drove me to complete the v1 of this theme.  I will be updating you all on the updates to the site as they role out, hopefully accumulating feedback as we go!

I have some exciting pretty exciting projects I’m either working on currently or about to start. Some pretty early stages so nothing much to show now. A lot of my time is now being diverted to producing a video series (on an undisclosed up and coming framework) with Packt Publishing. I hope to share more soon on some of these projects and eventually the video series!