Presentation: 5 ways to maximise misery with CSS

Presentation at REA Group TKO event

13 January 2019

James Formica and myself had the opportunity to talk at REA Groups first TKO (Technical Kick Off) event last year. We wanted to talk about CSS, but we didn't want it to be the usual: "This is what you're doing wrong" talk. We wanted to show you the pure pain and misery of CSS done wrong, then hopefully you will chose another path.

Watch here:

Inspired by:

This video was inspired by CGP Grey's video on "7 Ways to Maximize Misery"

Video Details:

This talk outlines the specifics practices that, if followed will be sure to lead to unmaintainable, miserable CSS. That said, if you do the opposite you may unlock the key to CSS Zen.

Key takeaways/discussion triggers for audience: The definite do nots of writing CSS, bad practices we are all guilty of but do not understand the impact.

Event: REA TKO19 This talk represents the view of the presenters. Presenters: Aaron Vanston and James Formica