Messing with meta theme-color

28 February 2016

A few days ago I came across a website that changed my Chrome’s address bar a different colour, this feature I competently missed and was not aware of. After a some digging around I found its a new feature in Chrome 39 on Android lollipop+ called theme-color.

The theme color is set within a meta tag within the head, simply fill the content with a color and you’re all set!

<meta name="theme-color" content="#db5945">

I then wanted to test if this could be updated and if so how fast. Results are pretty good, I hooked it up to a button that on click will generate a random color apply that to theme-color and also the button border. Results:

Changing meta-theme colours

You can grab this code from here:

Again make sure when testing its on an Android Lollipop+ with at least Chrome 39. 🙂